Zennen – Kimi Wa Bokuno Bosatsu Daze

Zennen is an acclaimed singer-song writer, the owners of VOWZ BAR (Monk bar) in Tokyo, and the leader of Boze Band—a group of talented musicians who happen to also be Buddhist monks. Boze Band has previously been featured by major news outlets such as the BBC and CNN. This debut album consists of unique alternative-folk songs inspired by Zennen’s Buddhist philosophies and life as a monk. Both relatable and highly original, the album is sure to be a new and refreshing experience for any listener.

Zennen – Kimi Wa Bokuno Bosatsu Daze
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Inspired by the music of Bob Dylan as a teen growing up in Japan, Zennen aspired to travel to the America and create music from a young age. Due to family opposition, however, he went down the traditional path of high school and college before embarking on bolder, more unusual forays as both a competitive boxing and, later, a Buddhist monk in the spirit of the renowned priest Shinran.

But throughout his journey, music remained both a constant companion and a persistent passion. After serving as a monk for several years, Zennen would immerse himself fully in music, traveling to the inspired cultural landscape of Brazil and returning to Japan with a treasure trove of eclectic musical influences, from blues to jazz to flamenco and the sounds of Biwa.

Zennen’s musical experiences culminated in 2010, when he officially formed Boze Band with the staff of VOWS BAR to craft songs inspired by Buddhist philosophy and his colorful life lessons. Boze Band would go on to achieve great acclaim and be featured by major international news outlets, including the BBC and CNN. Today, in addition to his work with Boze Band, Zennen actively performs as a solo artist, bringing his acoustic guitar and enjoyable melodies to hospitals, schools, churches, and other musical events around the world.